The goal of ghentr is to make it easier for you to build and share a private package-ecosystem using your instance of GitHub Enterprise.

You are likely already using the functions devtools::install_github() and usethis::use_github() to interact with If you have an instance GitHub Enterprise (GHE), you can also use these functions with GHE.

Let’s say that you work for Acme Corporation, and that Acme has its own instance of GHE. At present, you could install a package using the host argument with devtools::install_github.

devtools::install_github("user/repo", host = "")

In time, it may become tiresome to add the host argument each time you want to install a package from GHE. Instead, it might be handy to create a function to do this for you, then put that function into a package that you can use and make available to your colleagues. This is what ghentr helps you to do.

Assuming you create a package called acmetools, you can use templating functions in ghentr to add a function to acmetools that would allow you to use syntax like this:

There are two ways ghentr can help you work with GitHub Enterprise:

Here are the slides (PDF) from a presentation given at rstudio::conf(2018).


You can install ghentr from GitHub with:

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