Helps you to initalize a DRAT repositiory for use with your institution's GitHub Enterprise. This function would be needed only for those people with push-access to this DRAT repository.



invisible(NULL), called for side effect


This function is meant to parallel drat::initRepo(), but there is an important difference: drat::initRepo() establishes a gh-pages branch in the git repository, the philosophy here is to use the master branch. This is because GitHub automatically serves the gh-pages branch, but you may not want to do this.

This is because it is possible that this DRAT repository will be nominally private to your institution, hosted behind its firewall. However, you may wish to access this repository from a (cloud-hosted) virtual machine outside your firewall. To do this, you could push a copy of this repository to a private GitHub repository - then pull from your external virtual-machine.

On your virtual machine, you could refer to the location of this package repository using a local file:// URL rather than a remote https:// URL. By fetching the DRAT repository from private GitHub to your external virtual-machine, then using that repository locally, you can use a CRAN-like repository while maintaining the privacy of your "private" repository.

See also


  # create a new project, then call from the project directory
  # activate the github pages for the master branch
# }