This article deals with modifications you can make to videos that you embed. These include:

  • start time
  • horizontal alignment
  • rounded corners
  • responsive sizing for Bootstrap

These modifications can be made independently of each other, and can be composed:

embed_youtube("2WoDQBhJCVQ") %>%
  use_start_time("44s") %>%
  use_align("center") %>%

To embed videos from variety of services, please read vignette("embed").

Start time

To specify a starting time for a video, you can use_start_time():

embed_youtube(id = "8SGif63VW6E") %>% 

Thanks to Aurélien Ginolhac for suggesting this video using this start-time.

The use_start_time() function treats these all of these inputs equivalently:

  • "0h1m0s", "0h01m00s", "0h1m"
  • "1m0s", "1m"
  • "60s", 60

This function works with all of the services except for Box.

Horizontal alignment

You can use_align() to specify the horizontal alignment:

embed_vimeo("10022924") %>%

Possible values for align are: "left" (default), "right", "center", "justified".

Rounded corners

You can use_rounded() to specify the radius (in pixels) of the rounds:

embed_youtube("lan-UQfN0zs") %>%
  use_rounded(radius = 10)

This seems to work better in the browser than in the RStudio viewer.

Responsive sizing

If you are using Bootstrap, you can use_bs_responsive() to make your video responsive to the width of its container:

It has no arguments, but it uses the ratio provided to the embed() function:

embed_youtube("KvX8MijgeW8", ratio = "4by3") %>%

The ratio defaults to "16by9", but it can also be "4by3".

If you are viewing this as this HTML vignette provided by R’s help, you will not see responsiveness as it does not use Bootstrap.

If you are viewing this at this package’s pkgdown site, you will see the responsiveness.