vembedr (development version) Unreleased

  • version bump for development

vembedr 0.1.4

  • adds support for Microsoft Stream, which offers an enterprise video service; this will likely be for use internal to an organization. (#38)
  • if you have a recent version of usethis installed, suggest_embed() will copy the suggested code to your clipboard. (#32)
  • sets the default height to 300 pixels, and introduces an argument ratio, to set the aspect ratio; legal values are "16by9" or "4by3". If you set the width and height, ratio is ignored. If you specify only one of width or height, ratio is used to calculate the other. (#33)
  • adds three functions to help with formatting; they are all pipeable with embed_*() functions:
  • adds functionality for embedding Box videos, via the embed_box() function (#28)
  • version bump for development

vembedr 0.1.3

vembedr 0.1.2

  • adds embed_url(): given a URL, build the <iframe/> to embed the video
  • adds suggest_embed(): given a URL, provides suggested code to embed video
  • fully deprecates allow_full_screen argument
  • adds pkgdown support
  • version bump for development

vembedr 0.1.1

  • adds rickroll_channel9(), stretches definition of rickrolling
  • deprecates allow_full_screen argument to embed functions in favor of allowfullscreen - this will be more consistent with each service’s API
  • adds use_start_time() for constent interface to all embed functions
  • adds embed_channel9() for Microsoft videos
  • adds support for start-time for Vimeo (#14, thanks @karthik for tip)
  • adds embed_user2016()
  • version bump for development

vembedr 0.1.0